Wednesday, 9 December 2009

15 days to go.....

.....and I'm totally unorganised (surprise, surprise). There are still gifts to buy, things to sort, decorations to dress.

One thing I have managed to get sorted is the Christmas tree, bought and dressed last night. And very festive it looks too :D Now its starting to feel Christmassy.

I have a trip up north planned for this weekend as my Mama is having a bagladee party. Then its time for a sewing break me thinks. And since its my 30th in January I'm planning on having the month off.
I have a few custom orders to fininsh this week and really need to start thinking about getting Christmas started.....and get some cards.

These are some photos of the stock I made for the Christmas Craft Fair I attended this weekend. I'm really loving felt at the mo.
Have you got your tree up???


  1. nope, dont have the tree up yet. hmmm should prob do that. hehehe, the little bags are amazing btw.

  2. Are these wonderful little bags coming to my bagladee party at the weekend up North in Durham on the 12th Dec , I hope so .

  3. I hope your bagladee party goes well Emma, have a great weekend


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