Sunday, 27 December 2009

.........and then it was over

As the rain melts the rest of the remaining snow/ice I am sat in my PJ's still (yes I know its after 10:30) enjoying the time to rest and not do much.

We've had a lovely Christmas....Christmas Eve we went out for a meal, just me and Chris, which was so nice just to sit and chat and have a few drinks without being disturbed (by his work). The meal was gorgeous and the service friendly and relaxed. At home we drank coffee and ate after eights while we watched Christmas TV.

Christmas morning we were woken by our two furry friends who wanted their breakfast, so as I sorted those two out Chris made a cup of tea. We opened our presents and lounged around in our PJ's, at 3:00pm we drove to Chris's parents and had dinner. We had all the trimmings and we were all a tad bit full we leisurely opened more presents and were thoroughly spoilt with the gifts we received. After all the unwrapping was done and dusted. Chris asked his Dad to bring in the 'mystery gift' that I thought was a joint present for his Mam and Dad (this is what he had convinced me into thinking) so I was slightly puzzled when his Dad put the huge box on my knee!!!

I had no idea what was inside....and squealed when I saw what was in the box!! It was a Nintendo Wii with the Wii Fit+ I had wanted one but didn't know he knew! What a fab day....I'm so lucky.

We arrived back home just after 9pm and gave the kitties a feast of turkey, they were very happy.....and sleepy. Chris played Fifa while I snoozed on the sofa and that was Christmas day over.

Boxing Day we ventured out to Comet and Curry's to look for a TV and some Wii accessories. Which is what most people were out doing because I ended up buying some online. Chris was back to work last night so I went Wii mad :D and I have to say my arms are killing me today.....I think I've used muscles I never knew I had ;D

Hope you all had a wonderful day and overindulged as much as me :D xxx


  1. Hi there
    glad to hear you had a lovely Christmas and I agree with you about the wii the boys have had one for a couple of years but I've only been on it recently and I can proudly say I am the undefeated champion at basketball much to everyones amusement.
    Enjoy the rest of the holidays

  2. Glad you had a lovely time! Your mystery present made me laugh - not quite the same as a sparkler ;) but great fun, all the same! We got ours a couple of years ago and our arms were all aching too after the first go! Wii Fit is fab too, in fact I think my new years resolution will be to start using it again! We could compare scores!! Have a wonderful new year!
    Rachel xx


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