Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Yesterday I read....

...quite a few blogs that were 'pausing for advent', reflecting on the chance to soak in the Christmas spirit and spend time with loved ones. It wasn't until later on in the day that I started to think about what I had read and what advent meant to me.

I took the back roads to go to the shops, trying to avoid the manic traffic, driving past all the fields and farms covered with snow. It looked so picturesque, the sun was beaming and the roads were quiet. It was peaceful.

It made me feel that I wanted to drive around all day, life outside of advent is so crazy, stressful and time goes by too quick. Its the first time in a long time where I actually drank in the moment and enjoyed the time. Normally having to cram in everything physically possible, there was something serene in casually driving to the shops, getting bits and bobs, watching the people out shopping and then driving back the same route to a hot chocolate and a few choc biccies......

And the fact that I actually get to spend copious amounts of time with Chris over Christmas is a gift in itself. We don't get to enjoy each others company that much with us passing like ships in the night due to work patterns. Its like starting over. So this Christmas I will be enjoying the peace, love and good will. Spending time with family and friends.....and most likely eating way to much!! What about you?
***photos of my dining table dressed for Christmas, and the flowers are from my fab friend Andrea, who had them delivered yesterday. They are beautiful and such a thoughtful gift.....and the fact they match my tree and decorations is just genius.....did you know Andrea??? Thank you so much xx***


  1. So glad you liked your flowers matey! Oooh yes they do match your other decs very well don't they?! Very festive! Merry Christmas Em! I am very jealous of your leisurely drive to the shops, wish I could have joined you! I have not really had a chance to soak in the Christmas spirit yet still sat behind my desk at work!:-( only 1 hour 45 mins left of work then not back til jan!:-) yippee!:-) x

  2. Emma - lovely post! Have a wonderful holiday with your family! See you on the flip side!

  3. Hope you really enjoy your time together over Christmas, Emma, and here's wishing you both a happy new year.

    Your table looks lovely. x

  4. Merry Christmas Emma...lovely flowers!

  5. I hope you have a great holiday, it is a national holiday here so it is a great excuse to take some time out, hang out with friends and relax, I hope you do the same over the holidays xxx

  6. Beautiful. I hope you get time to relax over Christmas and have a lovely time. Kim


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