Sunday, 20 December 2009

4 days to go.

And the wretched lap top (the one I do all my photo's etc on) has decided that its going to take a complete wobbler and now Coreldraw and any other useful program is not working.......FAB!! :(

I was planning on showing you all some photos of the studio pre and post mess but I cant do anything with the photos....and are way too large to upload. Oh how I boo you computer.....I was feeling all festivey and now you have spoilt it! Arrrggggghh!!!!

What I can show you (trying to get back into the festive mood and not moaning) are these little felt flowers that I have made for some children's hats and mittens that my Mama has been making for a friend of hers. I tell you they are adorable (the hats not the children, well I wouldn't know about the children as I haven't met them, but I'm sure they are.....anyway I'm digressing!!) so small and cute, these will be perfect for them.

Mama if you're reading don't forget to take photos.....everyone in blogland would love to see them!! Wouldn't you???

It has snowed today, quite a lot, which I'm loving because Mama has lots at home and I was starting to feel home sick a little, I always enjoyed playing in the snow there. I have since found out that Nell does NOT like the snow, not one bit.....she was like a proper little madam, one foot in the snow, she made a funny noise and ran back indoors!! Not like Oli who refuses to come in as he chases every snow flake that falls to the ground. He's soooo funny.

Well I'm off to eat my Sunday lunch/tea, I will be back tomorrow, hopefully I will have fixed the computer, either that or I will have smashed it with my trusty little hammer!! ;)

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  1. oh! our cats are just like that. Sausage refuses to step foot outside and spends most of the day curled up on the sofa. William loves the stuff and pounces on every flurry! Merry Christmas! xx


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