Thursday, 17 December 2009

7 days to go!

As promised here is a photo of the custom cushions I was making for a lovely lady called Sarah, I do hope she likes them :o/ They should have arrived today, so I'm like a cat on a hot tin roof waiting for that all important email.

Tomorrow is the day I break up from work for Christmas and I cant tell you how happy I am. Sad that I have lost a weeks wage from the company shutting down but soooooo pleased that I am getting a rest for just over 2 whole weeks!!! YEY!!!

I have one more bag to make tomorrow after work and then after the washing etc is out of the way I am going to play in my studio. Well not play as it is a mess, but I'm so looking forward to getting up there and getting everything tidy and organised. Needless to say when it was all decorated and the carpet was down EVERYTHING sewing related just got slung in there and now they all need a home. I even have some Christmas lights to put up :D


  1. Hi Emma!
    Seven days? That's scary! But it may inspire me to get my act into gear!
    Very pleased to hear you've got a long Christmas break to enjoy - after tidying the studio, that is!
    Thank you for my Birthday wishes!
    Denise x

  2. Lovely cushions! They look like West Ham colours ;) Enjoy your holiday - you deserve it. Hugs R xx


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