Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Mr & Mrs.....

....valentines day, a special day to show the one you love a little extra special affection. I always like to get something quite fun and quirky for my fella, but shopping for a man can be a challenge and since most fellas are not that keen on the 'lovey dovey' stuff (mine isn't) maybe something more practical or functional is the way to go?

How about these for ideas?

Well I don't know about you ladies but I love to get valentines flowers and I drop plenty of hints round about this time :D these are gorgeous and with a box of chocolates what more could you ask for? Hmmmm something sparkly that is traditionally worn on ladies fingers?!?!?! (if there are any blokes reading this, in particular mine, are you getting the hint??)

If you ladies would like something a little fun and quirky for yourself how about one of these and if your man doesn't get you one why not treat yourself.....always good to entertain some good wit and humour :D I think. It certainly made me smile.

If like me you are planning a dinner at home for 2 then there are some great table accessories here I love the fact you can choose a colour scheme. I'm more of a contemporary girl myself and tend to sway towards silver.

I'll be back tomorrow with some more Valentine's theme links......normal posting will resume once I get my all singing, all dancing lap top back. Hope the info helps.


  1. Flowers.... the only flowers I can think of are the ones I pick up at the supermarket!

    ummmm no, I have more chance of winning the lottery (which I don't do very often) than getting a valentines gift or flowers... I might get a card... but I will have to drop some really big hints first! lol


  2. You are very organised Emma! Hope your laptop gets better soon


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