Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Crafty little....

.......thingies :D

The crafting mojo is back and its time to start re stocking my website and Etsy shop. So for starters here are some pieces cut out for some purses.

Its lovely to get back in the crafting saddle, although it was also good to have a rest over Christmas. I'm ready and raring to go now. And with the snowy weather still travelling over the UK, maybe I'll get to snuggle up under my blanket and sew.


  1. Haha. Is 'thingies' a technical term?! lol x

  2. Oh thingies, oojimeflips, and doodaa's are all very real.... in fact my crafting boxes are full of them... I love the solid colour of felt... I might have to add some to my slowly growing crafty stash! lol

    the blanket sounds like a fab idea and if I can get the kids off our settee I have a plan to do something very similar! ;D



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