Tuesday, 26 January 2010

You put your iphone where????

Thought I'd have a go at making an iphone cover from scrumptious felt....can you tell what it is?

A yummy scrummy doughnut.....not sure if I will make anymore, just wanted to make something off the cuff and fun. Sometimes you just gotta break the routine.
And this is how I sewed all the little sprinkles on :D


  1. Looks like I need an iPhone so I can have a cover like that. Lovely Emma

  2. LOL cute! BUT be careful, I made hubby a case like that, same style, not the design for his and it slips out REALLY easily, I had to put a small strap with a button over the top after he nearly dropped it on the floor! Oops.

  3. It is gorgeous but I agree with Jojobi be very careful the Iphone is very slippery... I know when mine slipped out of my pocket into the toilet!
    I now have a rubber casing on mine to make it less slippy...
    Love it though x

  4. I actually thought the first pic was the one you'd made...

  5. Looks very nice. Not that I know anything about i-phones as I am not posh enough (haha) to have one....and if I did, I'd probably break it or something.

    I'm very sad, all I do with my phone is call and text people. I did upgrade last year but I had no idea what I was doing and got whatever they said was the best one I could have....and then P eneded up swapping with me as the best one HE could have wasn't as good....or something. So he has my phone and I have his, handsets, I mean, we just put the sim card in the opposite phone.

    Great fun.

    Best wishes x

  6. Mmmmm, doughnuts!!! Very cute, but I'll take the edible one (greedy pig that I am)!
    R x

  7. Loveing the doughnut case Em!!! Hmmm...what is that noise I hear??? My little iphone saying she wants to move house??? :-) xx

  8. Looks like a poptart to me. Mmmm, poptarts.


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