Sunday, 24 January 2010

Oh how I miss it so

I am still without the all singing all dancing lap top :( so much was planned in and the 'To do' list has gone out the window all ready and we're almost through January all ready.

So far there has been copious amounts of sewing resulting in, new felt purses, new bags being finished and photographed, new pouches cut out and a new project.

Its taking me twice as long to tweak my photos in photoshop, but hopefully this week there will be new items added to my website, I've decided that all new stock will be added to all other stock will be listed on my Etsy shop......and as for my folksy shop I just haven't decided. Something has got to change this year so that I can fit everything in, so tonight I will be sitting down with a pad and pen trying to figure it all out!!!

Any suggestions??? I'd really appreciate it.


  1. I've been thinking of closing my folksy shop, its really not been worth the effort - even with some of my easter brooches appearing in country living last year :(

    If you find the magic answer please let me know! xx

  2. easy fix....create a 13th month!!! We could start a calendar revolution ;-)


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