Friday, 8 January 2010

Stark raving bonkers?

Now before you think I am by posting photos of Christmas cards....all will be revealed. After reading this tip here, I decided to have a go myself.

Take a pile of Christmas cards (don't throw them in the recycle bin just yet).....

.....then take a pair of very retro looking pinking shears :D

.....aren't they lovely, they are quite heavy but nice and sharp.

Then have a rummage in a box of pretty ribbon and cut accordingly.......

After cutting all your cards up into smaller squares and rectangles, hole punch one hole in the top left or right corner, thread through ribbon and feed back through loop, pull tight and you have.......

.....lots of lovely gift tags ready for next year.

Now put them somewhere safe (not too safe mind or you might not find them til after next Christmas ;) like me with the cards this year).


  1. Good idea that, just remember where you put them.

  2. Oh, this really takes me back! My mum always used to do this when we were little...

    And Happy New Year Emma!

  3. I made some for the first time last year and have done again this year. Such an easy way to recycle those cards!

  4. Well done! I wonder who gave you that idea ;)
    R x

  5. I think I might do that this year... I won't use my pinking shears though... but I must have some of those cheaper crazy craft scissors around here somewhere... I wrapped all my handmade gifts in brown paper and put a strip of wrapping paper around one area then added lots of narrow curling ribbon... which I then curled with a knife to make a big curly bow... so those recycled tags will match really well... thank you!


  6. I always used to do that as a child, me and my siter would put all of the cards in a pile in the middle of the living room and take it in turns to pick the cards!! I loved it!! (I can see my card in that pile em!!:-)

  7. I did mine last week. Found some wavey scissors I forgot I had! :)

  8. My family laughs when I do this every year...I love this idea and so very thrifty!

  9. we used to do that when we were little, yours look great!
    : )


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