Wednesday, 13 January 2010

An unexpected day off...

The roads were atrocious this morning and the road where I drive up to the main road from the house was like an ice skating rink. There were cars and vans stuck, wheel spinning unable to get up the hill, cars sliding down and at least 3 accidents....reports from where I work were not good either, at one point they were stopping people driving down the hill into the business park because the road was so icy.

And since booking a days holiday is cheaper than repairing/replacing a bashed car I decided not to try and make it in so here I am.

Here are some new photos of the studio, looking a lot more homely than before. I wanted to have the lovely gifts that fellow blogger have made me out on display as I always feel inspired by other creative fellows. Plus they all make me smile :D

Lots of fashion and craft books, a lovely chest filled with buttons, rhinestones and sequins....a real treasure chest ;) my Speak and Spell (fav childhood toy still in perfect working condition) and a player for my ipod.

Still awaiting my sewing chair :( it is ordered and being delivered from the warehouse so shouldn't be too long before I can pick it up from the store.

My felt stash, which has been replenished since I took this photo so now its full to the brim. Top shelf: my tins of coloured zips and the gap if for my scraps of felt box which was downstairs at the time.

Oooooh still 2 empty boxes must fill them with other supplies.....still some boxes to sort out.

All my patterns, packaging, note cards, post cards, daylight lamp and other bits and bobs. My TV is also on the wall now, but still no power to the sockets, I cant believe how difficult it has been trying to get an electrician to come round to sort it.
Only 2 more days of my 20's left as its my 30th on Friday, and although I have spent quite a few weeks thinking and reminiscing of the years that have led me to this birthday I am strangely excited about it. Not just the day itself but the anticipation on what the next 30 years will bring. Some of the years have been tough, some that I'd rather erase from my memory....but then I think these experiences are what has made me the person I am.....and also the fact that there have been some pretty amazing things that have happened too. I am excited that this will be the next stage of my life which will lead onto more amazing times, but do wonder where has the time gone. The last 7 years of living down in Nottingham have whizzed by and would never have guessed when I left County Durham that I would be here doing what I am.
So this is me embracing turning 30th on Friday :D YEY!!!!


  1. 30's are fab! (Shame I've left them behind now, really!) There's a little something on it's way to you too!
    R x

  2. Lovely Post Em!! 7 years ago I didnt think I would be in Nottingham doing what I am doing either. But its moving to Nottingham that lead us to meeting and I am so glad we did coz your the best friend ever :-) xx

  3. Great post so just as well you took the day off !!

  4. Oooooh snap! i have that flowery wall paper in green! Well I say I have it - its still in rolls in a bag in my wardrobe, but it will eventually go on my bedroom walls - honest!

    x x x

  5. That wallpaper is fantastic.


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