Saturday, 30 January 2010

This year....

I'm being brave and exhibiting at the BCTF and I have to say that although everything that needs to be done has been written down I am PETRIFIED!!!!!!! This will be my first ever trade fair and I am hoping that it will open new doors for bagladee.

Its funny, I made the biggest sheet of paper by sticking A4 pieces together, sat in the middle and started mapping out exactly what needed to be done. It did look rather like I had lost the plot and was just scribbling ramblings down rather than a structure plan. Oh well.....

It did lead to another "To Do" list, but this time this list is far more important than any before, I have about 9 weeks to get everything sorted.....this includes new samples, literature, and an exhibition stand. I am hoping that at long last the book will be printed, yes I can hear you all saying "Oh Yeah I wondered what happened to that". I'm sure it looks like it was never completed, but I can assure you it was all done and dusted months ago, I'm waiting for the editor to finish unfortunately it is now in the hands of another.......still waiting!! *Sigh*

As from today my blogging is going to change slightly, don't worry I'll still be here....just it will be restricted to makes rather than just ramblings as time is very short. I may even sneak some tutorials in there somewhere :D Have a great weekend.....xx


  1. Ooh, I'm so excited for you Emma! I am sure that you will make lots of great contacts and learn loads of valuable advice and information. And here's hoping this will be a big step towards fulfilling all your dreams for Bagladee. I can only imagine how scary it must be doing this for the first time, a very steep learning curve, but we'll all be here, cheering you on!
    Rachel xx

  2. is it wrong that I want to make a giant piece of paper too ... ooohhh I want to actually sit INSIDE my to-do list!!
    genius :-)

  3. wow emma, how exciting! Where is it being held?


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