Saturday, 2 October 2010

2:55am crikes!

2:55am :: Got up and dressed and drove my parents to the airport.

4:07am :: Left Newcastle International Airport

4:37am :: Crawled back into a then cold bed :(

5:30am :: Woken by Ted barking at nothing (thanks Ted)

7:08am :: Woken again by Ted barking (seriously Ted this is not happening every night)

10:00am :: Alarm goes off, Emma mutes it! Zzzzzzzz back to sleep

11:30am :: Naturally wakes up and gets dressed for a cup of tea and some toast.

It's slightly strange not having anything planned so to speak.....I'm going to have a tidy up and wash the dishes and then I think I'll have a bit of fun by turning my Mam's dining room into a bagladee sewing den :D

Come back later I've got a lovely post for and a fab online shop for you to browse!!

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  1. We have a dog called called Ted too :-) hope you catch up on sleep soon.


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