Monday, 14 February 2011

Happy Valentines Day

....To you all xxx

Sadly no one snapped up my felt hearts :'( so they are now listed at £3 (wwhhhooooooooooo!) And if you are in the UK with postage that's just £4 bbaaaarrrgggaainnnn!
Hope you all have a lovely evening.


  1. I shouldn't worry about your hearts not being snapped up... hearts arn't just for valentines! ;D

    they are beautiful though! and I am loving your woodland folk... will they be joined by buterflies and hungry caterpillars? or acorns and oak leaves! ;D

    x Alex

  2. Happy Valentines Day - well belated one, anyway! lol

    Alex is right, hearts can be for any time of year, so I am sure that they will soon sell.

    Sadly I have no pennies until pay day :o(



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