Thursday, 24 February 2011

OMG I'm so excited/nervous!!!

Just look at this BEAUTIFUL hall, isn't it gorgeous. The photo is of the Assembly Rooms in Bath, UK. And now that its signed and sealed (well apart from my acceptance letter to send tomorrow) I can reveal the reason for the cryptic phone call on Friday.

I had an inkling on Friday but had official conformation Tuesday, Bagladee will be exhibiting at the Handmade in Britain Show in Bath 17th-19th June this year. There are around only 70 exhibitors showing off their talent and I'm so excited that I will be one of them :D

Here is a lovely photo of the exhibition last year with the chandeliers hanging above. Very posh!! ;)

I did have a little panic about it but now I've settled down I'm excited and nervous but good nervous. I will have a lot of new designs to show so its going to be a very busy year for me. Brilliant!!!


  1. Congratulations! Exciting news indeed. Now all you need to do is move Bath closer to Edinburgh and I'll be well chuffed.

  2. Oh congratulations - how exciting. Busy is good!
    BTW - I posted the Kindle take one pouch back to you yesterday

  3. Congratulations, what a gorgeous hall for the show. Wishing you great success at it.

  4. congrats - it is a beautiful room!

  5. Congratulations!! Hope you're very successful! :)

  6. Well done and congratulations

  7. congratulations... well done you, your bags are stunning so I think you'll be fine... x

  8. Congratulations and well done. Lucky you. wishing you lots and lots of success. Hugs xx


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