Thursday, 10 February 2011

Wiley old badger

No I'm not talking about a family member ;) Today is a little bit Topsy turvey for me. I have swapped shifts at work so that I can be at the house while we are having some plastering work done on our new porch. C is off having his car seen to, so I'm here until 12 and then I'm off to work until 5. It feels very strange.

Not really knowing what to do with my morning, I listed another woodland creature in my Etsy and folksy shops, answered some emails and put together another to do list. Its getting smaller, which is good as it means I can concentrate on my new bags.

Yesterday I spent a few hours sketching ideas for 3 new bags, these will replace the 2 styles that I currently have for sale on my website. I now have my 3 final designs all drawn up and have some new supplies on order, I just need to order some gorgeous fabric and I'll be all set to get sewing.
I cant wait to get stuck in, I'm a little nervous, as I mentioned in my previous post I am trying to push myself and be more adventurous with my 'skills' to take things to the next level. So there are a lot of new elements to my designs that I have not tried before.
Off to fabric shop now!!!! Yippeeeeeee, my favourite part of making bags :D

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