Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pencil cases, oven cleaner and how do you?

Bit of a random post title :D Today I completed one of those chores that you would think would be disgusting, boring and pretty much one of those things that you put off doing (which I have for quite some time). Armed with pink marigolds and Mr.Muscle I tackled what used to resemble an oven ;) An hour later and it was gleaming!!! Job done!

To add to the clutch bags on sale on my website, there are 3 pencil cases . Was £9 now £6.50. There are only 1 of each left and inside each you get a set of mini coloured pencils, a ruler, eraser and pencil sharpener.

cute girly pink with hearts.....

contemporary grey with peach.....

Lime green with fluffy clouds.
Calling on you Folksy peeps to give me some help, currently on my blog I have a slide show type thingy for my Etsy shop but cant seem to find a widget for my Folksy shop. Do any of you Folksy sellers have one on your blog for your shop and can you point me in the right direction to create my own? TIA


  1. They are very beautiful, especially the green.
    Very cute come with colored pencil.
    Good idea!!

  2. I have a find me on folksy button, there are a few designs but as far as I know there isn't a slide show doo-dah like etsy, if you find it let me know too! x

  3. I have a basic slideshow on mine with my Folksy items. On Blogger if you add a gadget, there is a slideshow option. In the URL I then have this
    Don't think there is a specific designed one.
    Hope this helps. Lorraine x

  4. The pencil cases are lovely xx

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