Friday, 4 February 2011


Don't make too much noise you might scare her away :) This is Ms. Mouse and I've just added her to my folksy and Etsy shops, so simple but so cute, don't you agree?

From her cute little nose.....

To her matching pink tail.

I hope you're not scared of mice? I used to have two pet mice (a long time before we ever had cats) they were called Mickey and Minnie (how original...not!!), silly really as they were both girls :D


  1. he is sssssoooo cute!! I love his little nose!

  2. Hello Emma,

    It´s good that your inspiration is back!
    nice works!
    Take care.

  3. Oh Emma - TOO cute! I really like them! Hugs xx

  4. lurvly.... I don't mind this kinda mouse... this is less like to turn up dead and half eaten on my kitchen floor! ;D

    x Alex


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