Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Are you feeling....

Sometimes I have days sometimes weeks where I feel so uninspired there is no point me trying to pick up a project and work on it. But recently I have found something that motivates me and to be quite honest almost sounds quite ridiculous.
I cant say that I have ever really been a 'fan' of classical music, I do like a very wide range of music styles though. Some might say extremely eclectic. Recently I've tuned my DAB radio into Classic fm and now I think I'm addicted to listening to it whilst I'm working. I have the attention span of about 3 minutes, I can concentrate for this long then I'm looking for something else to stimulate me whether that be a cup of tea/coffee, flicking through sewing magazines, sifting through fabric etc. Since listening to Classic I've been much more focused. Does that sound ridiculous, can someone really be more motivated and inspired by the type of music they listen to? I have tried other types of music and radio stations but I keep going back to Classic as I get much more accomplished when I do???? Strange??
Do any of you have methods to keep you focused and motivated? Or am I just sounding like some crazy bag ladee?
I just have to say my mind is buzzing this evening, I have to keep scribbling things down and drawing and adding to lists.....You'd think I'd had too much caffeine today. When really it because I've finished a new bag and I'm beside myself with excitement about it. Well I do LOVE bags ;)


  1. Do you know what, that does actually make sense. I usually sew in silence as, if I am listening to pop music I end up singing along and just can't concentrate! I have Classic FM on my alarm clock - it's certainly much nicer to wake up to in the mornings!
    R xx

  2. P likes to listen to classical music. And it must be pretty good because I am sure that even Metallica played with an orchestra at one point a few years ago.

    Hugs xx


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