Monday, 3 October 2011


Right before I start unfortunately there are no photos in this post...Ahhhhhh. This is because the photos I have to show you I cant until a very huge brown box is received by a lovely lady in Essex. Oh I should mention that this is not connected to the 'other secret project' that some of you kindly thought was Harrods (yep in me dreams maybes).

I've been working on said mystery huge brown box for a few weeks and surprised myself when the contents were all packed in looking very cute and lovely indeed (yes I am biased) ;) It wasn't a smooth journey to getting them all ready and posted off, well it wouldn't be me would it.....nothing is perfect for me. I like obstacles :D

There was the incident of the 'only half of my delivery of "something" arriving' and then there was the printing saga that was finally resolved this morning (yes cutting it fine is the polite expression) then there was the mad dash to get them all in the post in time for 'Special Delivery' this meant swapping my shifts at the day job. Which in turn meant that I had to stay at work til 5pm YUK!!!

Any way all said and done the box went off on its merry way, I'm just bricking it that fore mentioned lady likes the contents of said huge brown box. I'm doing quite well at not spilling the beans so far aren't I. Its killing me to not just blurt it out!!!!

I will be back tomorrow with photos........Oh yes I will :D


  1. You muppet !!! What on earth are you talking about ? Bricking it ?!!!!! It will all be absolutely fantastic - will let you know when postie has been and I'm so sorry you had change your shifts at work xxx

  2. Even more intriguing now I have read Blooming felts comment.

  3. Hello hello! I'm sure everything looks wonderful, can't wait for the pictures!
    : )

  4. oohh i can't wait to see what it is you have been creating!


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