Sunday, 16 October 2011

Books and busy weekend

Phew!!! What a weekend. I am exhausted. Need another one to get over this one ;)
There has been sets of Christmas Decorations, Gingerbread men by the bucket load, more bags than you can throw a stick at and still the orders keeping coming in. So it makes the tiredness worth it :D

At last I got round to ordering some copies of my book from the publishers (I know I promised to do this quite sometime ago). I decided to add them to my website as signed copies so they are a little bit more special than the ones you can order direct from the publishers. I think they'd make fab Christmas gifts and would most likely fit nicely into a stocking ;) You can even have a personalised message, just make sure to add it in the comments on your order. You can get yours here.

Hope you all had a lovely weekend.


  1. Fantastic Em! Congratulations xx

  2. After having this book for around a year I've finally got round to ordering some fabric to make a clutch bag.

    Sorry it's taken so long Emma but I will blog the results :-)

    It's a fab book and I can recommend it, even if you are new to sewing.

    Ruthie x


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