Friday, 7 October 2011

Dreaming about the Magenta Ford Fiesta

Isn't this a beauty!?!?! Its the new Magenta Ford Fiesta, I've seen a couple on the road and have to say it turns my head every time. I currently own a Fiesta and have done for around 5 years. Its a 'Silver' edition,a 53 Reg and has been used and abused to be honest. I take her everywhere with me ;) she's been to trade shows up and down the country, takes regular trips up the M1 when I visit family and back and forth from work. And Oh how I love her. 

Ever since the launch of the new Fiesta I have been harping on to the other half about a new the moment not an option. So now I spend my days ;) day dreaming and 'picking' my car in the Fiesta 'Configurator' on their website.

But it was only yesterday that it crossed my mind to follow them on Twitter so now I am stalking following #FordFiesta on Twitter. After reading a tweet that the very lovely Shellibobbins had written about picking up her car that was being branded with her business, we spent a whole hour discussing sign writing on cars as advertising. And then got completely carried away with me wanting a Magenta Ford Fiesta with "" across the sides of the car with "Sponsored by Ford" underneath. Wouldn't it look lovely with my type face. Elegant & classy! Perfect.....advertising for Ford, me whizzing round everywhere in a pretty car with advertising for them and advertising for me and my business. Yes I know I'm a 'daydreamer' and my head is stuck in the clouds.  

 I love being imaginative and dreaming about stuff, its what makes life interesting and certainly gives you goals to aim for. If I didn't then I would 'imagine' that Bagladee wouldn't even exist. Seems funny that most people dream about having a Porche, Mercedes etc when all I would like is a Fiesta :) Simple but classy, a perfect car for getting around, with the added bonus of all the gadgets inside that you need for a busy lifestyle. The ideal solution for me and my ever growing business.

Can you tell I'm obsessed?!?! I could also be tempted with the black Fiesta with silver text. See I've thought about this in great detail :D

Not my usual post I know but sometimes you just gotta be a little bit diverse. Also would be real nice for Ford to sponsor me and deliver a spangly new Fiesta with my website across the sides. (Deluded I know, gotta be worth a punt).

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  1. Do you think it is a little too big for your stocking??? If you don't ask you don't get!!

    And it would be work related so it is not even a treat really! ;-P

  2. OOh, I like that car!! What a gorgeous colour - good luck with getting sponsorship! Thanks for the birthday wishes too!
    R xxx

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