Wednesday, 26 October 2011


Hasn't it been a long time since I just sat and wrote a blog post on the spur of the moment?? For that I do apologise.

Since becoming an SBS (Small Business Sunday) Winner (thanks to Mr.Paphitis) Bagladee has taken a huge leap. Then there was the radio interview for BBC Radio Nottingham.....from then on every day has been filled with bag making adventures. I say adventures because no day is the same, from trade orders, commsions and website orders to christmas decorations by the bucket load and even working on some new ideas.

Even though I am exhausted I am thoroughly enjoying myself.

On the home front, at last after nearly five and a half years our home is almost fininshed. From completely gutting a 1935's semi detatched house, we have cleaned, stripped, plastered, painted, decorated, extended, built, planted, replaced every inch. You can definately say that we have put our heart and soul (blood, sweat and tears) into this house. The last thing to be completed is laying the turf in the front and back garden which will be done this weekend. I cant wait, I'm so excited to see it all finally finished. We will be able to sit back and enjoy our 'space' this is something that has been long awaited for both of us!!

I'm hoping to have a couple of days 'me time' this sewing if I can help it. I want to make some cupcakes and get a little bit of house work done, then maybe veg out of the sofa and watch a film.

I hope you're all well out there in blogland. This is still my favourite place to come and 'escape' from it all. Bye for now, I will be back soon with a giveaway!! xxx


  1. Hey Emma! Are you going to show photos of your home (or at least some of it?). I love a good 'before and after.' :) Congrats on being almost done!
    x Katherine

  2. Oh yes, before and after shots would be nice - I think that's only because everyone in blogland is a bit nosey....well I know I am anyway! :o)

    I'm pleased your business is taking off since the SBS. Sending you lots of love xx


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