Monday, 24 October 2011


I've been at it again :) Kindle covers galore. This one was requested for a birthday, it had to be purples and lilacs and had to have some kind of dragonfly design on it.

After looking at some images of real dragonflies I came up with this design, I drew out my templates and then the fun bit....picked the leathers. I had to incorporate this lovely magenta pink as my stash of leathers are quickly diminishing :(

The back is a lovely shade of lilac with a tab of leather cut out the top so that you can grip the Kindle to slide in and out. And of course wouldn't be complete without my Bagladee tag on the back.

I was pretty pleased with the design but was anxious to know if the lady in question liked it?!?! I received a lovely comment on my Facebook page this week to say that she loved it. Ahhh happy customer always makes a happy Bagladee :D

Now the race is on to find somewhere I can get my hands on some off cuts or old sample books of leather. Can anyone out there help I am of course will to pay for said leather. I'd be forever grateful.
More Kindle photos to come soon.....I've been making quite a few these past few weeks.


  1. I love the dragon fly and the colours. I have never worked with leather - not being able to undo mistakes puts me off!

  2. Fabulous work darling, I can't believe how beautifully neat your stitching on leather is x


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