Thursday, 25 September 2008

Magenta & Black GIVEAWAY!!!!

As I was saying in the post about black and white all the way last week, I love monochrome. But I have to say my all time colour combo favourite has to be magenta and black (If you have seen my website you will know how much I like it). So I thought to myself why not have a magenta and black themed give away? So here it booty of items bought at Hobby craft.

It includes:
A pack of decorative papers
12 pieces of felt (4white, 4pink, 4black)
Black card stock (perfect for making mini note cards)
3 bobbins of thread (pink, black, silver)
4 generous rolls of ribbon (flowered, silver, black satin, pink with white dots)

Perfect I think for making creative note cards, bookmarks, brooches....well whatever your creative little soul desires.

To take part in this give away all I'm asking is that you comment in this post by introducing yourself and telling us all a little something interesting about you. I think it would be nice for me and you to get to know each other..... and that's it :) don't forget to leave a contact and winners will be chosen (as always from my famous felt bucket) on Wednesday 1st OCTOBER.

I will start you off: "Hi I'm Emma, I used to go to dance class when I was younger and when I was 15 I won the Lincolnshire & Humberside Under 16 Championships :) ".

And look what Mr.Posty brought me today, another package from Paper and String.....I am feeling prematurely festive at the mo so I thought it would be a good time to think of some Christmas inspired brooches. Of course I'll show you when they are done.
OK then get posting!!!


  1. Oh your blog is so colourful and fun!

    Well, I'm Kate and my husband and I got married on our SEVEN year anniversary! AND I was 21 when we got married. Stop counting, I was 14 when we started dating :)

  2. hi. i'm wendi. and interestingly enough, there's nothing interesting about me. unless you count my interests. because i'm pretty much interested in everything.

    wendiwinn on etsy.

    (thanks for hosting this awesome giveaway).

  3. yummy yummy give-a-way!

    erm, I am Jo, I got married in Cambodia and the day included a bunch of Buddist priests, some traditional Cambodian dancers, a French meal, photos at Ankor Wat, lots of champers and an elephant ride to the top of the mountain to watch the sunset.

  4. Ok, Im Kelly and Im a newbie on Etsy and I love to cook (and eat...)

  5. Emma, you're so generous with your giveaways! Love that colour combo. Hmmm, something interesting... ok, well, in just over a week I shall be entering the last year of my 30's (yikes!) and I am rather sadly addicted to playing my son's game of Guitar Hero on the Wii! Not very interesting I know, but I couldn't think of anything else!!
    Rachelx :)

  6. Hello Emma! WOW! what a generous give away - too hard to resist.

    I'm Claire and I love felt! When I'm not making things or gardening I like to play world of warcraft - I'm a BIG NERD! :)

  7. Hi I'm Shelley, I'm a mum to three gorgeous children. My third childs life was saved by having three blood transfusions while still growing in my belly, now that's interesting isn't it! xx

  8. Hi,
    Hmmm, something interesting? Well, my name is Allisa and I feel like my 8 month old baby boy keeps my life interesting! But something about me? Well, I worked as a special educator in low income under-resourced areas with high risk students for 6 years before 'retiring' to have my son.

    Thanks for the very generous giveaway!

  9. hello! I was just catching up on your blog and saw your wonderful giveaway!

    I'm Jane, a few years ago my husband and I went to Borneo on holiday and spent a couple of days with a headhunting tribe.

    : )

  10. hi I'm Sarah...I have a degree in Theatre Studies(Design) but for my job I chose to manage a gentleman's clothes shop. I love being a shopkeeper and one day would like to turn my web based shops into a real shop on the high street...

  11. Not only do you have interesting things to say on your blog, I love the humour.
    What to say??
    I travelled in your country when I was much younger and enjoyed the history, especially as I had ancestors who came from that part of the world.

  12. Hi Emma! What a gorgeous colour combination! Totally loving it =D.

    I'm Lyn and I am a peanut butter addict. I can eat just peanut butter alone for the entire day and finish jar after jar. My favourite is Kraft's crunchy peanut butter. Hehe.

  13. Nice blog,

    Hello, I'm Melissa I love doing Nia I'm planning on becoming a Nia teacher.

  14. I can't wait to see what you do with those great colors!

    I love pink and black together.

  15. Lovely blog! I just found you in the Etsy forums. I really like getting to know new people. I guess I would have to since I have moved 13 times in my 26 years. The first time I moved I was a month old and we moved from Nashville, AR to Germany. I was so cute in my passport picture...hehe. :)

    aka Pamper Me Please on Etsy

  16. u need to update :P i came here already like 4 times since you posted ha haha i want new i want new! :OP

  17. Am I able to enter if I'm from Canada? Regardless, I'll introduce myself!!

    My name is Belle and am the plush artist behind Paper Girl Productions. I love to bellydance and hula hoop though not at the same time!!

  18. Hi I'm Vanessa I don't have much to say except I booked my wedding for September 3rd 04, only to find out I was pregnant and my daughter was born on September 1st 04 (bad timing). The wedding was postponed to May 05.

    Sorry it's not that interesting I know!

    Vanessa x

  19. i'm english born, travel bred, with an accent that is completely rubbish. i'm into lace.ruffles. crafts of many sorts.french bulldogs and english mastiffs. i'm partial to all things requiring postage. i love to cook and eat! my best friends all live in a different time zone.

    and post things that interest me on

  20. I'm Barbara and I love to make "stuff'. I currently make handbags, drafting my own patterns. I make my own soap and all toiletries all from scratch and can't imagine my life without my sewing machine!

    Love your blog and sense of color!

  21. HI,
    My name is Debra and I am a mother and wife. I live life simple so I can stay at home and be with my daughter. I love to cook, sewing and go camping.

  22. Hi, I'm Lyndsey, Tanybug on etsy, the most interesting thing recently, is that last night I started playing ringette again after 10 years off! I had so much fun, it's going to be a great season! If you don't know what ringette is, it's an ice sport similar to hockey!

  23. hello,
    I'm chrissy and I make bags too!! Something interesting about me hmmmm.... let's see....I homeschool my 4 children ages 9 6 2 and 10 months. Well I actually homeschool the oldest 2.
    I hope I win magenta and black are a great color combination.

  24. Hello - I'm Heather. I used to be a teacher but it took over my life. I've just got a new temporary job - I'm going to be an elf at LaplandUK! How exciting is that? My husband has an onterview tomorrow to perhaps be the chap in the red suit, so that's our Christmas card photo sorted!

  25. Hello Emma, and everyone else

    I am Alix. I have just turned 40 but my partner (and father of my little girl ) is only 28!

    I thought that was quite interesting!

    I am Big Blue Bed and love sewing and knitting.

  26. Hi I'm Helen, accountant by day, photographer every other minute! I love magenta and black, what a great colour combo :)

    Something interesting? Hmmmm, I've ridden lots of different things over the years - elephant, camel, dolphin, horse, dog (I was only 3!), donkey, motorbike, trike, and quad bike but I won't go on a rollercoaster. :)


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