Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Taking part in my first swap!

I read a while ago about some craft swaps that were taking place, first one was a toadstool swap kindly arranged by Lucy Kate Crafts and then a robot swap organise by Claire. I so wanted to join in but felt a little new to all this blogging so I sat back and watched the swappers get their packages.

I was eagerly awaiting the next one to pluck up the courage to take part, and French Knots didn't disappoint. And before I knew it I was paired up with my swapping partner.

Hi Elizabeth **wave** I have no idea yet what I will make so I will be doing a little research over the next week or so and I have read Elizabeth's blog from beginning to end to get to know her a little so hopefully she will like what I have made.


  1. ya im having a trade party but not on etsy. just a local family and friends one...

  2. Yay! Good for you, I'm in this swap too, Emma. This is my third one and they're so much fun, very addictive! Rachelx

  3. Thanks for joining in. We should all use your tree button on our blogs, I am just not techie enough to make thing like that!


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