Monday, 15 September 2008

W-ork I-n P-rogress

Since I shared my tidied craft space with you all at the weekend I thought it'd only be fair that I kept you updated on what was being crafted in it :)

These are 2 new clutch bags for my website the 4 clutch bags that are on there currently were feeling a bit lonely so I thought I'd make them some company.
There's still the internal pouch and lining to sew in, as well as the rhinestones, fasteners and diamante buckle to go on. But I'm loving the colours, I think that after all the drab and dreary weather we've been having in the UK that it should be brightened up with some fab and funky fabrics.

Sorry to break it to you but these 2 beauties aren't for sale, they are a custom order for my Mam :) bless! She couldn't decide whether to have her clutch bag with or without a strap so I went all out and made both. Hope you like them Mama?

Again still to add the little details but should be done soon so I can post them off to her. OK off to finish these little babies!! Check back soon to see them all finished.

TTFN (ta, ta for now!!)


  1. Love your clutch bags, and your Etsy shop in general.

    I love making things for my Mom too. It's just fun to make her happy.

  2. Love the bags!! The red print is beautiful!!

  3. excuse miss. bagladee but your blinkin' email won't work...i've sent two and both have been returned to me...tis the one I

  4. these all look great, I'm sure your mum will love that you made her both options!
    : )


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