Saturday, 13 September 2008

Welcome to my craftspace...

After a good session of sewing this afternoon, I thought it might be nice if I shared my current craft space with you all. I have seen quite a lot of impressive craft areas/rooms on the Internet lately and its been starting my day dreaming of one day getting my own.

So this is it, its a spare room/office/craft space/dressing room......and up until today was quite cramped and messy. So after a lot of organising and tidying its now looking quite spacious.

Even our books are separated into: Chris, graphic design, bar design, interior design, New York.
Me, fashion design, bags, textiles, gardening my little plant and my m&m figures and my little pony :) (yes I am an adult, I think ;) he he).

And as you can see the desk is separated by my sewing machine on one side and Chris's laptop on the other. Chris has promised me that when we get our double garage built he will build me a room with heating/air con, a cutting desk and lots of storage to keep all my crafty things safe. Oooohhh I cant wait!!!! It will be so girly and crafty!!

And this little princess is one of my kitties, Nell. She was helping me organise and tidy and then decided to chase anything and everything!! We adopted Nell from the R.S.P.C.A nearly 2 years ago, she had been abandoned by her previous owners who moved and left her behind. She spent 6 months on the street before she was picked up by the animal shelter.
And I know it sounds corny but when we went to look for a cat she chose me....apparently she didn't like anyone picking her up or fussing her but when I picked her up she started purring and fell asleep in my arms. So that was it, she's my right hand gal now. Miaow =^.^=


  1. I'm very jealous of anyone with their own craft space! We don't have a spare room so I have to do my sewing at the dining room table. Although I wonder if I could persuade the boys to share a bedroom?....

  2. I love seeing other's office/craft spaces. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great craft space! Any your space comes with a kitty too. I blogged about my craft space a couple of months ago and my cat refused to stay out of the pictures. I am sure he would be fast friends with your kitty!

  4. Ahhhh such a cute kitty!

    It's always fun to see where people work too, thanks for sharing that.



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