Tuesday, 30 September 2008

Mish mash of everything.

Today I feel as though someone has picked me up and shook me like a cocktail shaker. There are sooo many things whizzing through my mind at the moment I'm not even quite sure what the day is!

I think I have 'to do' lists coming out of my ears and I've even had to put up a wall planner just so that I don't forget where I'm suppose to be or what I should be doing.

I'm slowing (very slowly) gaining control of the endless lists.

Starting with Sunday I got all 4 of the clutch bags finished, and I so wanted to post the photos today but since the weekend the light hasn't been too good and it was so late tonight when I got in from work that there was no chance. So I will try to get some taken tomorrow.

I have also started a custom order for a cosmetic pouch and coin purse, still some sewing to do so once finished, as always you will get to see the photos.

One thing I do find is that once I start writing a post for my blog everything seems so much clearer......I know what is to be done and when. OK must dash, lots to do and don't forget tomorrow is the last day for entering my giveaway. Click here or the photo to the right to take part.


  1. Work, Work, Work....it's never done. Hope you are getting everything done.


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