Sunday, 7 September 2008

What a productive weekend- BLISS!!

Hooray for the rain!! Yes I do actually mean has meant that being stuck in doors has motivated me into getting some jobs done.

The usual 'must be done' jobs completed which unfortunately consisted of washing, ironing, cleaning etc. I know there are plenty of people out there who enjoy these activities ;) but I am not one of them. Don't get me wrong I am by no means a lazy person, I just think that these are the things that get in the way of crafting, blogging and (sorry just as I've been typing this the heavens have opened and it is absolutely throwing it down outside, that'll be the garden getting a good watering again- saving me a job!!). Where was I.....Oh yeah chores!!

Anyway onto the good stuff, I did get the brooch packaging finished and all boxed up ready for selling, I also did some maintenance on my ETSY shop. I asked some fellow Estyians in the critique forum if they had any idea why people would not pick me for their treasuries (for all you not accustomed to Etsy, Treasuries are like a favourites page which are showcased on the main page. Good advertising!!!)

Group photo :)

All boxed up

Suggested were my pictures of my items, unknown to me but the little pretty borders that I had framed all my photos with left 2 huge black lines down the left and right hand sides. Which meant they no longer looked pretty when you used them in treasuries :( Its been on my list to do's for a while so I tackled this yesterday and today. All sorted now.
Someone gave me a bit of advice, 'Always spend time updating and improving your photos of your items, after all these are the key to selling.' so simple but so true ! So please feel free to add me to your treasuries!!!! :)
I was also featured again on a blog this week, Fuzzbuzz featured my Rocket Chic bag on Free love Friday, thanks :) you did a fab job Fuzzbuzz!!! To read click here!

And then last of all I listed on a new website called Folksy, another great place for crafters alike to sell their wares.


  1. Nice packaging Emma! =D
    And congrats on being featured on Fuzzbuzz and Folksy!

  2. I'm with you -- life's too short and time to valuable to actually enjoy housework, but nevertheless, it needs to get done. Love the items in your shop!

  3. Yep, here here I don't like to clean, wash or scrub. I do like to cook though love that. Of course, I love to blog, design jewelry, make soap, oil, bath salts, and scrubs, I love to myspace, etsy forums browse, and listen to music and help my children progress intellectually.

    I used to be able to hire a cleaning once a week. The economy has gotten in the way of that for right now, but on a good note my kids are learning to be good cleaners. (No I'm not a bad mom, I cleaned like the dickens when I was young)

  4. Very pretty and professional packaging!

  5. Your bags are fab- why not feature you? ;-)
    I'll have to check out Folksy, I've been playing on the computer so much lately i've abandoned my own crafty workstation, ha ha!


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