Monday, 22 September 2008

Too true!!

When I was standing browsing through the wooden/rubber stamp section in Hobbycraft on Friday I came across these little funnies that almost made me laugh out loud and I could even feel myself nodding my head :)

All roads lead to somewhere, so if you feel lost just keep driving.

Friends are like psychiatrists with a sense of humour.

And my favourite of all....

My idea of housework is sweeping the room with a glance!

Genius :)


  1. LOL--Those are cute! I especially like the housework one! Sounds like me :o)
    Smiles, Karen

  2. (Don't worry, I won't mention the football!) ;) I love those kind of sayings - they make you feel ok about not being perfect! And what gorgeous kitties, that photo is priceless!!
    Rachel :)

  3. Thanks for making me laugh, Yes I laughed out loud. See the kitties think it funny too.

  4. Those are cute!! Thanks for sharing....I needed a laugh this morning.


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