Saturday, 14 February 2009


To you all......this is what I gave the other half this morning.
A gorgeous little rabbit holding a little padded heart (he's only 7cm tall aahhhhh) and a hand made card by moi!
The image is a photograph that we took on our first visit to New York, we both love the city and dream of winning the lottery and having a holiday home there :)

Awwwwww, bless

As we are not a usually soppy couple I was surprised when I received these! Matching card and gift bag? I was very impressed ;)

As the other half has to work tonight, we cooked a lovely meal last night and tonight I will be overindulging in the chocolates with a nice glass of Rose all to myself Mmmmmm Yum.

Hope your day is full of love.


  1. I love the image you have used on the card, really does make a great valentine's card. Enjoy your wine and chocs.

    Ruthie x

  2. AWWW..that's lovely! Wonderful gifts that you gave and received! Happy Valentine's day! Hugs Jeanette


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