Monday, 14 September 2009

Confession Time

OK its confession time, I know I promised myself last time that I would NOT let the overwhelming To Do list consume my life!!! Well that has just gone right out of the window, to the point that I can no longer look at the list anymore!!!!

The more I look the more I stress about it :( the more I get stressed the more I don't want to look at it. Its only a list right!! Why is it controlling me?? Arrgghhhh!!!!

You would think that the sensible thing to do would be pick one of the items off the list and Get to? Well no not me, I've decided I want to go into the Studio and finish the last bit of painting. While I am sitting painting I will think of what task I want to tackle next. Yes not very productive I know....Oh well.

Ooooh one more little thing before I go.......a little while ago I posted a giveaway on my Reviews Blog where you can win a luxury Hamper. So far no one has entered :( which makes me sad, I want one of my lovely bloggers to win this fab prize. If you cant manage a recipe then why not write a post about the give away with a link to the giveaway and the Kerrymaid site using the key word Garlic Butter......its EASY!! Why not give it a go? If this is successful there will be lots more other cool stuff to give away. Come on bloggers help me out with this one.....Ppplllllleeeaaassseeeeee!! :D


  1. Oops! Sorry! Just another of the many things that slipped off my radar this last week or so! I'll try and fix that after I've got Joe to bed.
    R xx
    PS. Right there with you on the to-do list thing!

  2. I hear you with the To Do list, if I get bogged down with it I make a mini list just for that day and put say 3 things on, 3 achievable things and put the other list aside, if I get through all 3 things they I reward myself with a cuppa and a biscuit and pick something else off the big list.

  3. Ah, the dreaded To-Do list...
    Like JoJoEbi I also make mini-lists when things are overwheming, and I also make extra-long lists! I write down lots of things that I'm going to do anyway but don't really need to put on a list, and then cheer myself up by crossing them off as I do them!
    Besides, you'd be bored if you had nothing on the list, right? ;-)

  4. I've done it, a recipe too!


  5. I have a weekly list - so that if I do more than 1 thing a day then thats great but if I only manage one thing that's okay too.
    Josie x


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