Sunday, 27 September 2009


What a great start to the weekend, Saturday morning the postman knocks on the door and hands me a parcel......

Its from my lovely bloggy friend Rachel, I wasn't expecting it and it was a lovely surprise. Just look how cute that owl paper is (now I realise I photographed it upside down, ooopps!) and the envelope she made herself, how cool is that.

After 'carefully' taking the owl paper off this is what I found inside, this absolutely gorgeous note book from my favourite shop 'Paperchase' and some yummy smelling body wash. I have to say Rachel you hit the nail right on the head with the note book because its exactly what I would have chosen....its sooooo me! :D

And just look at the pretty paper inside.....Ahhhhhhhhh how I do love note books, especially pretty ones like this. Thank you so much Rachel, it was so thoughtful of you. Big, big hugs to you xxx
On another present kind of level, Chris's parents came round yesterday to show me how to wall paper, so not only do I now know how to wall paper, the feature wall in the studio is finished and it looks amazing! I so love the paper I chose, and I'm just bursting to show you......but I'm keeping it under wraps until the carpet is down, which hopefully will be soon.


  1. Emma youve always had a thing about paper and pencils all the time you were growing up. we could never go past a shop that sold all the lovely paper and books in the Metro Centre, Do you remember. xxx

  2. ha ha yes mama I do :D everyone at school was convinced I had a huge cupboard full of pens and paper!! Ask Helen she will tell you. Love ya xxx

  3. If you are EXTRA good maybe the postie will brong you something tomorrow too! Let me know? I really hope you like what I sent. I posted it first class today. Hugs xx


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