Saturday, 5 September 2009

What have you been doing????

I cant believe that I nearly forgot to show you what I bought from the fabric supplies shop when I visited home (Newcastle). How did this happen??? Emma is starting to think that she has more than she cope with on her plate at the moment (hasn't she always?!?!) so maybe the old brain is starting to replace old info with new not store it.

Any way, there were some lining fabrics I was running low on so I stocked up on a couple and added a couple more to the collection ;) yes as I said before "my name is Emma and I'm a fabric'aholic". Also needed a couple of threads and just couldn't resist buying these tiny buttons (they really are tiny) I have no idea what I'm going to use them for (like most things I buy) but I'm sure there will be something new to add them to.

Yummy, yummy buttons!!
Yesterday was spent over a lovely friends house getting some tips and advice about the trade show that I will be doing next April (Eeeekkk!!) extremely helpful but reality has just hit me on what I need to do in order to prepare. I can feel some maaahhooooosive To Do lists coming!!! Chris is being so supportive about it, keeping me calm and is going to help me with all the display side of things.

Today was a reflective day, thinking about all the things I have planned in before Christmas whilst I painted the skirting boards in the studio. While I was away Chris fixed all the skirting and started marking out for the shelves and TV bracket, he is such a sweetie!! I was going to post a photo but I've decided that I will post no more photo's until it finished, it will spoil the dramatic transformation if I show watch this space!!!


  1. I would enter but us folks in foreign parts are not allowed :o(
    You could let me win then we could split the spoils :o)

  2. im looking forward to finished article that is your sewing room!!

  3. Can't wait to see your finished studio! And can I join your "fabricaholics annonymous" group too?!
    R x

  4. Will have to find that shop next time I am in toon!

  5. What have I been up to? Going back to work and being hit my a migraine from out of nowhere! Started Thursday evening and eventually left this morning. I have some of those tiny buttons in purple, again, I do not know what to do with them either!

  6. **Puts hand up to join fabricaholics annonymous**

    The buttons are lovely


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