Wednesday, 23 September 2009


I have a funny feeling that this post is going to be a bit hap hazard ( a little bit like the inside of my head at the mo) I cant really start moaning that things are difficult because I know I'm a very lucky girl with everything I have and do.

I'm just finding my life too sporadic and my brain feels like its on overload. I have lots of lovely sewing to do and I've revamped some old bag patterns ready for some new creations. I've also got some new projects on the go too.....I know, if there was ever an award for someone that bites off more than they can chew it I would definitely be a strong contender.

I'm desperate to get into the studio so that I can try and get myself organised, the house is totally consumed by sewing stuff, Chris is such a star being so patient with it all. And he's always there with a supportive hug when I'm feel a little deflated.

Oohh if anyone in the Nottingham area knows of any administration jobs or similar I would jump at the will get me out of the hellish day job I have now. More redundancies on the not too distant horizon.

Rachel has just sent me a message that she is hosting a Christmas Swap, even though its more sewing I think that something festive is just what I need to make me feel a little jolly :D


  1. Oh, big hugs to you Em! I was hoping you might be having a better week this week.... Thanks for the shout-out about the swap - I wasn't actually intending for it to be a Christmas swap but, of course it can be if you want it to! It would be great if some people sent out Christmassy fabrics! And then we'll all get lovely, early Xmas pressies!
    Take care hunny
    R x

  2. more hugs for you!
    I am desperately trying to hide from rachel's swap because I just know I wouldn't be able to do it justice at such a busy time of year...(feel free to ignore the next bit) if your job is so, well, crappy, why not give it up & revel in the sewing/etsy/website world and see what happens?
    easier said than done I know but maybe it's your time???

    xxxmore hugsxxx

  3. I hope you get into your studio soon, at least you have that to look forward to. I hope things improve on the work front too, it doesn't sound like much fun at the moment. Just think of all your lovely sewing


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