Thursday, 3 September 2009

Stitched 2

Today is a really wet and blustery day.....Autumn is definitely here. Good for staying in a sewing but not so good for taking photo's.

I also took these up North with me at the weekend to finish, different colours from last time....

And here they are all sewn together, I love putting the colour combinations together for these purses.
I'm planning on making some more of these soon so keep a weathered eye open for them in my shops (great little stocking fillers).
Yesterday didn't go quite as planned, even though I was to be off this week (factory shutdown to save money!) I had to go in yesterday to complete some system tasks. Which turned into a whole day wasted when I had so much sewing planned. Grrrrrrr!!
Today I am on a mission, I have Nicola's custom bag to complete (**Hi Nicola**) and some packaging to well as some other bits but they can wait until the weekend.


  1. *waves*

    'Hi Bagladee!'

    Oooh, love the purses. Was telling my Mum about the lovely one I got from you (the one reaising funds for breast cancer research) and she likes might have to pop one on her Christmas list....oooh, Christmas - eek!

    Very yukky weather here too. Just me and Bronte here this morning as M started school today! Have to collect her at 12.30. She was soooo excited! xx

  2. each one is like a little party!

  3. They're so sweet, love the pink and purple ones! Hope you manage to everything done that you wanted to.
    :) R x

  4. the purse are looking (as always!) lovely! can't wait for your stuff to arrive in the shop!!


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