Friday, 25 September 2009

Happiness is a little place built of felt :D

And this is where I've been this week......I have to say that this has been my little world that I have visited every night, far, far away from the thought of work. Which has made me very happy indeed. Sewing for the soul!!

I'm hoping to get them finished this weekend with some additional bits and bobs, the dreaded chores were done today, leaving me free to 'play' all weekend.

On an exciting note: the studio will be getting its feature wall papered tomorrow!!!! I know, that just leaves the carpet to be laid and me to move in!!! :D Yippeeeeeeee! I know that I'm not going to want to come out ;)

Oh and just in case you thought I'd forgotten about the de-stash I will be photographing said stash this weekend, got a little way laid this week. So I will be posting about that very soon.


  1. Love your creations!! I'm sure you will enjoy your crafty weekend!!
    How exciting that your craft room is almost ready!!!! Can't wait to see it!!

    Have a great weekend : )

    Sharon xx

  2. I love the browns and creams in the last one :) gorgeous

  3. These are amazing! My craft room is my dining room (however, it is actually my craft room since nobody eats in there! LOL!). I'm still working on the decor of the whole thing though!

  4. love the felt..great colors. Have fun in your new studio.


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