Thursday, 18 March 2010

And then...

...rubbish title for a post I know but I really didn't know what to write. I feel exhausted tonight, I think its the events of this week catching up on me (felt a little teary earlier, well a lot, but its good to get it out, right?)

On the cheery side of things this is bag No.10 yippee!! Only 3 clutch bags to go and some lovely stitched flowers and I'm there. Not a lot to say tonight (yes I know shocking) so I'll leave it there.
Hugs to you all x


  1. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend (apart from all the sewing of course, but that's supposed to be fun, right?) and start next week refreshed and raring to go!

  2. I'm not surprised you've had a delayed reaction to this weeks events. But like you say, it's good to get it all out. Make sure you take it really easy this weekend.
    R xxx

  3. Pretty that a swallowtail butterfly? Have a nice weekend ;-)

  4. Oh Emma! I'm so glad Chris is feeling better, what a scary day you had. I'm not surprised you were teary, I hope that you both have a nice relaxing weekend


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