Monday, 8 March 2010

'THE' list

It was time to revisit the 'huge floor list' again. So armed with lots of paper, some pens and me sat in the middle I started to plan out my list. 30 minutes later and lots of scribbling I was starting to get somewhere.

Surprisingly there were a lot of things completed (from the previous list) which could be crossed off. I then used the 'huge list' to write a To Do list in my note book, I carry this everywhere with me which is a good reminder of what is next. There was a feeling of calm once I realised that 'THE' list was not actually as bad as I had been winding myself up to thinking it was.

There are still some samples to complete but I am over a third of the way there. Initial ideas for all my literature is complete just need to get onto and get it ordered. Struggling to write a press release at the moment so if anyone has any tips or a good website I can look at I'd really appreciate it. I booked my hotel for the days of the trade fair last night, its a lovely chain of hotels and they have Wi-fi so I'll be set. All the display stuff Chris is taking care of.....he has all the details so I'm excited to see what he comes up with (obviously guided in the right (my) direction by me!!) :D

I think that just about covers feeling calm and organised I'm off to tackle the next item on my list.


  1. It sounds like you are very prepared!
    : )

  2. Well done for being so organised! The huge floor list trick obviously works!
    R x


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