Wednesday, 17 March 2010

A little bit of progress....

...for both of us. Today we ate a late breakfast and whilst I got on with this bag, Chris decided he felt well enough to pick his car up and go visit a friend. Making sure he texted me updates that he was OK he returned early evening and I stopped cutting out fabric to make Chilli con Carne.

Thank you to all of you who left well wishes, they were passed on and received gratefully. There are so many lovely people out there in blogland, I really don't know how I ever coped without you all. :D

Now I know he's feeling better as he has stated he wants to re-model the kitchen.....hmmmm yes def feeling better!!! (think that can wait until he's feeling a bit more up to it)

p.s. only just realised how colour co-ordinated this bag is with my blog :D


  1. Just caught up on your glad C is feling better...and that you are having a good productive week xxxxx

  2. Ooh, Em, that bag is looking beautiful and yes, it is very "you"! Glad Chris is feeling better - enjoy the rest of your week off.
    Rachel xxx


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