Wednesday, 31 March 2010

I love my craft space

Some would say its a messy craft space....but I think its perfect. Everything all out at once :D well I do like to multi task.
I know a few people that have this desk from IKEA the pull out section is great for that bit extra space. I have my table top ironing board on it here. As well as a big pile of fabric, interfacing templates and I am even reading Rachel's blog at the same time!!! Multi task Queen :D

Here's a peak at what I've been working on. Its the little bit of bling to go on the bags. I know you're prob thinking what is bling about felt, but bare with me on this one all will be revealed. Speaking of which there are some piles of fabric and felt need cutting so off I'm going.


  1. I wish my craft space was that tidy!

    Ruthie x

  2. Looks perfect. Not long now before we can display OUR books on a shelf in our craft room.

  3. oh how i wish I had a craft space, I really must find a corner somewhere and take it over :-)

  4. Fantastic! I love that mini ironing board - I totally need one of those!

  5. Its great that you are enjoying your new space after all the hard work to get it!
    : )


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