Tuesday, 23 March 2010

How the heck did I become so organised???

Tonight I have been cutting some templates out for something sparkly to be added to the sample bags. Whilst I was doing this Chris was tweaking some photos for my promo items for the trade fair.....he loves doing stuff like that.

So far I seem to be coping almost too well with all the prep, that is until I get to the part that I've been putting off for ages and that is writing a Press Release!! Yikes. I have no idea what to write, even though I have scoured the Internet for tips and ideas......still not getting any inspiration :( Anyone out there got any experience of writing one?

I'm hoping to order some bits from Moo tomorrow, then there will be a mass production line to assemble my promo items. Don't worry I will be posting a pic of these so that you can see.

Oh and still looking for anyone that wants to join the Big Swap.


  1. Do you want to come and do some organising here?

    I was tempted with the swap thing but then it looks a bit too much like those chain letters things that never work so I am going to give it a miss, sorry.

  2. Sorry I haven't ever written a press release before but when I set up pages on my site like terms & cond etc I went around other site to look at how they set theirs out and tailored one for there. Do you buy from any suppliers that have done press releases who you can ask for advice? This site seemed to have some good ideas: http://www.prfire.co.uk/press-release-writing-tips.html

  3. Well done for being so organised missus! Can't help with the press release either, I'm afraid, but I think the tip to look at other sites sounds like a good one.
    PS. There's a giveaway on my blog so do pop over and enter - it closes tomorrow!
    Rachel xxx

  4. hi little miss organised! I hope you got your press release sorted? It certainly sounds as if you are almost ready for the show
    : )


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