Saturday, 20 March 2010

Swap anyone?

I have just joined a very unusual swap today, its an international one and works in a very quirky kinda way.

Let me are given a list of 2 names and addresses,

No. 1: Mr X Address: No.4 Blogland Drive, Bloggersville. BL0 GS1

No. 2: Mr Y Address: No.1246 Postwriter Road, Follower. HTM L12

You make a handmade item for No.1 on the list, you then invite 6 more people to join the swap, sending an email to the 6 move the details of No.2 to the No.1 position and then add your details to the No.2 position. They will then make a handmade item for the No.1 and ask another 6 people to join the swap, again they will move the details of the No.2 to No.1 and add their details to No.2 forward the email on and so on and so on. Therefore you will only make one handmade item in return for a possible 36 items from all over the world. Pretty neat huh?

Since I have my 2 names and addresses, all I need is 6 people to take part (the only snag is that you have to be willing to post internationally), any one interested? If you are please leave me a comment below and I will get the details emailed to you. I think its rather fun that you don't have a clue what your swap parcel will be or where it will be coming from.....its also a great way of networking and meeting new bloggers :D winners all round then.


  1. It's good if it works (remeber I invited you to play a while ago?) I was roped in by swirly, liked the idea, sent off my parcel, found six people to play after many people turning me down for one reason or another and the do you know how many items I have recieved...... none! I won't play again but hope you have more luck than I did! xxx

  2. oh i took part in that last week - guess its going round...have fun! its an easy swap and ive been receiving things so its fun to get happy mail!!

  3. sounds interesting... how did you find out about this?


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