Monday, 22 March 2010

Oh dear....

Well I think from the response of the swap, its not looking too good :( sorry Bex (if you are reading, I will keep up my side of the agreement and send on to my swap nominee). Alex I think you were right in what you said on my last post. Maybe this kind of swap is not personal enough? Or is it too complicated? Do you prefer just to have a nominated swapper that you can get to know and who know you?

Maybe I will get round to organising my own swap after Easter something a little less complicated and fun? It was back to the day job today, Boo!!!! And it was eventful as ever......on the up side I did finish all of my samples at the weekend :D all that is left to do is my little additions to the bags and my paperwork (the less creative bit, but just as important).

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  1. ohhh no!! ermmm, i have a few extra people who wnated to swap with me, so i can send them onto you? i think because its a cycle if not everyone signs up it all goes a bit haywire. shall i ask the people if they will 'play' at the swap with you??


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