Monday, 31 January 2011

Learning curve

This rather handsome gadget is my new camera :D yes very chuffed indeed!!! Always loved taking photos (and has a very modest G.C.S.E in photography) and up until Christmas I've had various compact digital cameras....not bad but nothing compared to this beauty!!

I have to say I was a little intimidated at first, lots of buttons and settings......had no idea about aperture or any of the other complicated features (obviously learnt nothing in my Photography class :D ha ha). And since my Dad bought me the camera when he was in China the manual is in Chinese....this I did not study. I had full intentions of downloading the English version, but so far that just hasn't happened :o/

Nope, taking after my Dad on this one where I felt the need to just dive in there, pppfff to the instruction manual. I then went through the motion of frustration, thinking to myself I can do this so why are the photos coming out crap?? Anywho after lots of encouragement from a fellow blogger, many links provided to very helpful tutorials and posts and re-charging the battery about 6 times (yes, I really did take that many photos) I am finally getting the hang of it. Who needs instructions???? I do ;)

Ruthie who has been helping me with all the links etc sent me this beautiful camera charm, which ingeniously can help you set the white balance on your camera (no I don't really fully understand this either but I am most def going to learn). The photo above is taken with my camera trying to get the white balance right. Not bad for a 'sort of' beginner??

I wonder if you can tell which photos were taken with my new camera, there have been a few so far here, here (Second image) and here.


  1. Great shot. You are really getting to grips with your camera.

    Ruthie x

  2. Get out in the sunshine in the Spring and have fun, that is how I found out most about my camera :-) The apperture setting is fab for getting lovely light shots, you may need a tripod if the shutter slows down a bit (or a couple of boxes to stand the camera on :-). The F stop does those lovely sharp photos with blurring backgounds - the smaller the number the blurrier the background - fab for arty photos :-)


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