Wednesday, 1 October 2008

To do's, to do's, to do's

That's it.....that's my whole entire life planned out to the hour for at least the next 2 weeks!! :/

Is that a good thing? Who knows.......I will probably just get lost in the ether of to do lists and before you know it we'll be sailing through November.

OK still no photos!!! How frustrating.....I must leave work a little earlier tomorrow to see if I can catch some half decent light. Now is one of the times that I wish I had a better camera and some studio lighting. And with the dark nights drawing in I'm going to find it even more difficult!

My give away is now officially closed, so sorry if you missed out and many thanks if you have entered. I'm off to go and draw the winner, check back tomorrow for winner announcement!


  1. Good luck getting everything checked off your list! I know the feeling!! :)I tagged you... check out my blog for more details ( :D

  2. LOL, I hear you about lists! Every day I'm suppose to clean out my closets, and straighten out my bedroom, and then I sit down at the computer ... oh no! I get STUCK!


    But at least last night, I stayed up late to pay bills, do laundry and upload some files.

    To Do! To Do! Today! ;-)


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