Wednesday, 19 August 2009

Back with more umph!! (+giveaway)

I had been meaning to write this post some time last week but just never seemed to get round to it. This is happening a lot lately so there maybe some sporadic posting over the next week or so :o/ sorry peeps.

Anyway, going back to many, many posts ago when I first set up my website. I asked bloggers, etsians and friends alike if they would be so kind to pop by it and tell me what they thought. It was a brilliant response and lots of very sensible suggestions were made (although not sure why I hadn't thought of them myself?? Oh yeah that's right, me sensible...naaaaahhh!!) One piece of constructive criticism was that they pages themselves weren't very interactive eg. when you went to click on the pictures they didn't take you anywhere. What a fantastic piece of criticism.....its took me quite a while and lots of mistakes and re-adding pages after messing it all up.
So now I ask you again if you would do the honours click one of the pics above, pop by check it out have a little play around, pop back here and leave a comment telling me what you think.
Leave your email address and I will pop you all into a hat/random number generator and someone will win a mystery gift bag full or goodies, well its nice to give something in return for some feedback :D
Again thank you all of you who left supportive comments yesterday, I'm doing exactly what I'm told and focusing on the good I'll leave this post up until Sunday as I'll be painting between now and Friday and Saturday were going to see the Redbull Xfighters (fingers crossed it doesn't rain!!). And Sunday I'll announce who the lucky winner is.
huge hugs xxx


  1. Glad you're feeling more like yourself today! The site looks fab - the new links make it very easy to navigate. Good job missus!
    Ooh, and have fun on Saturday - we've been watching X-fighters on Dave and it looks totally awesome!
    R xx

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  3. I think the website looks fabulous, it's very easy to navigate and the photographs really show off your bags beautifully.

    The ONLY thing I would like to see (and it's very teeny) is a bit more on your 'bagladee' page... maybe a photo of you or more bags or maybe your workdesk when the studio is up and running.... Perhaps I'm just nosey?

    You have done a fantastic job on the website... Congrats!

    Rach x

  4. Hi,
    I hope you feel a but more chirpy today. I liked your website before but the link directly from your blog worked quickly and sometimes they do not. Not sure if this can be doen but with your multi picture photos is it possible to click on one of them so that you can see the feature bigger then click on the other section of the picture for a close up. Clutch bag section is where I was looking mainly. How do you get on with Mrsite? I had a webpage with them and got so frustrated with it not working/crashing/not listing the info I put in etc I closed it down. Was 2/3 years ago, maybe it is better now. Got some fabric to try out your mag bag. Keep smiling!!

  5. Opps sorry forgot to leave email

  6. looks great, I much prefer the dark grey background to black, it is easier on the eyes (go from your blog to the website you will see what I mean).
    A photo of you on the Bagladee page would be nice and also on the online shop (pg 3) the fabric purse picture is out of line - shows up under the felt purse pic.

    Glad you are feeling more positve today, hubby is going through the same thing, working stupidly long hours for less pay, just zaps it out of you. We have to look on the good side, 2 of our neighbours have had their hour cut, working 4 day weeks. At least you still have time for bagladee stuff :o)

  7. Emma, the site is lovely, I really like how you can go to the items from clicking on the photos. After looking at the brushes roll, I thought jewellery rolls might be an idea also. If you ever make any I would be happy to link to them from my shop for you.


  8. i think the webiste looks great and it clearly shows the whole spectrum of what you make. well done lady

  9. Sorry I haven't commented for a bit, been having some time away from Blogland.

    The site is good. I've been having a nose around.

    Some suggestions I would make:

    As others have said, more info about you (and photo of you and/or studio?)! :o) This would enable people to put a face to a name, and also to see where you make the bags....this would be better once your new studio up and running.

    How about the bags being modelled on someone? I know this might sound a bit daft but it might put the sizes etc into perspective...although you'd need a willing model!

    Finally....what about a comments section whereby people can e-mail you pictures/comments of your bags in action so to speak and you can create a page accordingly?

    Hope this helps xx

  10. HI Emma,
    The website is looking good! Much easier to navigate now that the pics take you to the sections. A gallery might be nice of bags 'in use' or being modelled, and a pic of you on your welcome page would be great too! :)

    The only problem i have is that on your online shop page the pics don't line up neatly.....this may be to do with me viewing on hubby's macbook using safari, not sure(?!) would have to check on my pc later.

    Have a fun weekend, you deserve it!!! :)

  11. Hello, now I am new to your blog and your shop and I absoulutly love both.... I found your shop pages to be fabulously simple, clean and easy to navigate the pictures enlarge beautifully and to a nice size and the qualitly of hte images are top notch, all the info was brill including sizes and discriptive wordings were easy to follow... I love the colour scheme, it good to see a plain background so that your attention is on the products and not everything else that is going on.... my only critism would be that as a laptop with no mouse user could you put either a "back to top" button at hte botton of each page or along the bottom a horizontal list of all the other catergories... which would make the transition from page to page a little smoother, I will definately be back for some Christmas presents, particularly the flamingo's... I loved the donkey brooch and dragonfly's too!
    My Daughter needs a little purse to put her lady things in to take to school... so when she drags her teenage backside out of bed I will get her to take a look....

    bye for now
    take care

  12. sorry me again,

    In my humble opinion and I don't wish to offend anyone but I would have to disagree with the picture of you and workplace thingy

    a jewellery making friend of mine has a photo of herself on her page and unless its just the pose or how she looks but it comes across as being a little pretentious, I would traverse that addition with alot of care... and thought... or just leave that kinda info for your blog and have a link to your blog should anyone wish to know more about the creator...

    x Alex

  13. What a great shop! I think the site looks fantastic. It is really easy and fun to navigate ^^
    The pics are great too because we can see more of the fabrics.
    eli_green22 at yahoo dot com dot br

  14. Hi Emma:)
    Hope you are having a good weekend!
    I enjoyed browsing through your new website!!! I like the grey background and pink writting against it, looks very pretty and I wouldn't expect it but it's a little more clear for my eyes.. I mean pink writting doesn't stand out as much as black but it works so well!!!! All items are listed plain and simple and elegnt, which is great. Easy to navigate round. I like the fact that I can get a bigger picture when I click on the items! Your personal page is very good too! The fact that it's short is inviting to read it and at the same time, people are getting to know you which makes the shopping experience much more pleasant:)
    I am sorry but don't really have any works very well for me!!
    (claoodia at hotmail dot com)

  15. Hello, just leaving you a comment as I've so enjoyed looking around your site and reading your lovely posts. Great pictures too !

    Thank so much for sharing them and I hope you have a fab weekend (well, the rest of it anyway...)!

    Best wishes to you

  16. Hi there! :)

    I agree with everyone else... your site looks great! Easy to navigate, appealing showcase background and lovely products. I especially like the Chloe clutch bag.


  17. I think the site is great. And I agree with the others, navigation was easy and the pictures look pretty nice too.

    aikychien at yahoo dot com


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