Sunday, 23 August 2009

XFighters & a WINNER!!

Last night was totally awesome!!! I could bore you all to death for hours talking about it (which I wont, I promise) but even though we didn't get back home til 3am this morning it was so worth it. I now want to ride a motor cross bike and be the first woman rider to enter XFighters!! ;)

The setting for the night was amazing, the dis-used Battersea Power Station. I had never been up close to it before let alone inside the grounds. It was great!! They actually entered the track arena through a window!!!!!

There were fire works, and cool lights, a huge crowd and 12 amazing riders.....only one crash which was Mat Rebeaud but he's OK. The atmosphere was great and Levi Sherwood lived up to his nick name "Rubber Kid". He's my fav!!
OK I'm sure you would all like to know who gets the goody bag? Thank you to you all who took the time and went over to my website and checked it out, from the comments it looks like I'm almost there. All your suggestions were great and soon I will be adding them to the website.
A few people said they were having problems when viewing the online shop page, that the photos weren't lining up. I have no idea why this is happening, it looks fine when I view it in mrsite and my website and other people say it looks fine to them. Maybe if I play around with it a little it might solve it. You were all very kind, I was expecting some brutal criticism but there was none, either you were all being nice ;) or the site is OK :)
Back to the draw, using the winner is:
Number 5: FairlyGirly
Congrats to you, I will email you for your snail mail address in the morning :D I still haven't finished adding things to the bag but once its ready to send I will post a quick picture. Thanks to you all again, be back soon with some photo's of the studio and some hand sewing.


  1. I watched xfighters on the tele and it was amazing, the crash with Matt was a little worrying to begin with you couldn't see what happened on camera but I assume he was too short... what a shame... was Levi the 17 year old that won in Mexico? he was fab, Mr P was amazed he was riding a heavier 4 stroke whereas the others were on 2 strokes... the setting looked amazing... and the ramps were terrifying... we could do with a british representative... so get your crosser and good luck! ;D

    congrats to fairlygirly

    x Alex

  2. Oh wow.......I can't believe I have won your giveaway. Not usually that lucky at these things but like to try and help people with genuine feedback. Can't wait to see your gift as your items are fantastic, Emma. Thanks Lorraine

  3. great pics of battersea power station... I've never been to an event there...

  4. Don't worry Emma , mamma will get plenty of elastoplasts and bandages. ha ha


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