Tuesday, 4 August 2009

I have a secret!! Sssshhhhhhhh!!!

Can you remember a little way back, not too long ago when I said "I've just embarked on a collaboration project with my bloggy friend Rachel, which is both scary and exciting all at once :) I cant really say anything about it yet but all will reveal by us both soon!!!" Well I still cant say too much but what I can tell you is that LAUNCH DAY IS TOMORROW!! Wednesday 5th August, its green, we want YOU ALL to be involved and we hope that its going to make a difference.

So make sure you stop by here tomorrow to find out all about what we've been doing and the link to take you somewhere special!!! ;)


  1. All will be revealed tomorrow then? Will keep looking.

    Sharon xx

  2. Eeek! Getting very nervous and excited about it now!
    R x

  3. Interesting - I'll have to come back to check!


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